1after320 Projects Space / Khalid Albaih

Details: ‘Daring to Dissent’, curated in collaboration with Ayesha Aggarwal, will create a space at 1After320's Project Space from 23rd January - 31st January 2016 for Khalid Albaih to engage in a dialogue with Indian cartoonists and political commentators on the country's current socio-economic issues, censorship and the freedom of expression. The artist will respond to these interactions by creating cartoons in a live studio, set up within the project space and share his commentary through an online forum. The exhibition and programming  will engage the audience in a dialogue on the nature of political satire and cartooning, and whether cartoons can and should be considered art.

Khalid Albaih is a leading cartoonist of contemporary times. The juxtaposition of his bold illustrations and text came into the limelight as street art that emerged in multiple locations across the Arab world. Since then, he has shown his work at an exhibition titled Khartoon! By Khalid Albaih at the The Edge of Arabia Gallery in London (2013). McGill University in Montreal hosted a series of exhibitions and events around Albaih's work in 2014. He was also the feature presenter at the “Arab Future and the Role of Europe” conference at the Peace Palace in The Hague (2014). In May 2015, Albaih will feature in a solo exhibition at the Arab American National Museum in Michigan.