1After320 Film Program

Latin America: David Ayala Alfonso

Defining Latin America beyond its geography and through the lens of culture is a challenge. The attempt to cast the denomination of a region have been recurrent for centuries, and has been closely related to independent processes and narratives. The idea of a Latin America lives in different versions that respond to an equivalent number of ends. There is a Latin America that lives in the political discourse of power that is in tension with other versions of the concept, particularly those in the context of cultural expression be it cinema, visual arts or music. Artists have thus developed discourses that call on an approach in presenting an idea of Latin America that is empathetic to what takes place within communities through nodes and networks of global exchange. Works in the selection potray a complex articulation of identities, filiations and oppositions that produce audio-visual discourse in the different countries of the region. Personal stories mingle with international connections and hybridizations, cultural contingencies and political utterances in depictions of contemporary Latin America.

Artists include: Felipe Steinberg, Carlos Motta, Laura Huertas Millan, Regina Parra, Claudia Joskowicz, Amanda Gutierrez, Carlos Guzman and Ana Tomimori.

David Ayala Alfonso is a Colombian curator, artist, and researcher. He works as Editor in Chief for em_rgencia, a peer-reviewed journal on contemporary art. His practice is focused on examining social movements, public policies, education, and media consumption through the lens of arts and visual culture. Ayala Alfonso has published writings on Colombian art history, arts education, independent spaces, performance, and artistic interventions in the public realm. He is also an occasional writer and translator for different academic publications. As part of Group 0,29, he has produced various performances and intervention projects in Colombia and Latin America. Recently, he has been awarded the annual Arts Publishing Prize from the cultural office of the City of Bogota and the Fulbright Grant for Colombian Artists to pursue graduate studies in the United States in 2013