1After320 / Artist Process

Exhibit 320's alternative space 1After320 opens the 2016-17 season with two programs that focus on ‘process’. The commercial institutional space is not always thought to have an interest in process – the unknown, experimental, fluid state before its manifestation as physical, tangible objects susceptible to the conundrums of the market. As a countering to that dominant sentiment Exhibit 320's alternative space 1After320 presents ‘Artist Process’ and ‘Practice Process’ that necessitates formats for cultural producers working within and outside of the institutional space simultaneously, to arrive at various possibilities that push their practice forward.

From July 26th – Sep30th 2016, ‘Artist Process: Making Space/Parul Gupta’, will host the artist in our newly expanded project space . Gupta will enable movement from thought to method to the phenomenological experience of the work and space through the viewers involvement; around the areas of human perception and sense cognition;and how time, space, light, sensation occur as phenomena for us.