Launching first ever mobile phone application (available for free download on Android and iOS)

Launching first ever mobile phone application (available for free download on Android and iOS)

Curated by : Diana Campbell Betancourt and Tim Goossens
Launched on 30th Jan'2014

Participating Artist : Shumon Ahmed (Bangladesh), Uri Aran (Israel), Nils Bech (Norway), Prerna Bishnoi & Namrata Mehta (India), Rebecca Chesney (UK), Baptist Coelho (India), Vishal K Dar (India), Matthew Darbyshire (UK), Anjana Kothamachu (India), Zipora Fried (Israel), Delia Gonzalez (USA), Japanther (USA), Martín Gutierrez (USA), Rashmi Kaleka (Kenya), Shreyas Karle (India), Nandita Kumar (Mauritius), Rachel Mason (USA), Raqs Media Collective (India), Nico Muhly (USA), Mehreen Murtaza (Saudi Arabia), Varsha Nair (Uganda) and Virginia Hilyard (Australia), Yoko Ono (Japan), Katie Paterson (UK), Sahej Rahal (India), Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) (UK), Tejal Shah (India), Jason Singh (UK), Sumaks

Listen-Up! is a unique public sound exhibition that proposes to transform the way audiences in New Delhi experience art by using a digital platform through a mobile phone app to make sound art publically accessible across the city, without restrictions of permissions or sound pollution. The exhibition is produced by 1After320, an initiative of Rasika Kajaria that aims to support innovative exhibition formats. Through supporting public art exhibitions, ephemeral installations, lectures, talks, and exchange with international artists, 1After320 aims to take a step further toward public engagement by supporting innovative interventions and alternatives to conventional commercial shows. Listen-Up! is curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt and Tim Goossens in locations ranging from the Saket Metro, Qutub Minar, to the Garden of Five Senses, the India Art Fair and Lado Sarai.

Sound has been an important medium for many artists globally since the 1960s and has its roots in Futurism and the Fluxus movement. Institutions such as MoMA, the Tate Modern, Bonniers Konsthall, and Khoj have recently dedicated exhibitions to sound art. Listen-Up! breaks the barriers of institutional walls and presents works by acclaimed artists from around the world in to the public with the help of new technology. A mobile phone app was created for the exhibition and is for accessible for free to anyone with a smart phone. Several of the sound works are accessible via dial-in phone numbers as well, making the exhibition accessible to anyone with a cell phone. The exhibition also includes works that use Hindi and Bengali and widen the reach of the exhibition past English speaking audiences, and many of the works break linguistic boundaries with their experimental approaches to sound.

The combination of contemporary art and telephones is hardly new, and the seminal 1969 exhibition 'Art by Telephone' at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago opened up new possibilities to channel communication devices to realize ambitious projects. Indian artists such as CAMP have famously tapped into the power of phones to create ground breaking works such as Pal Pal Pal Pal …which used taped footage and phones to transform how people engaged with the infamous Radia Telecom scandal, and artists such as Navin Thomas and Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller have transformed old telephones into channels for their hypnotic sound works.

The Listen-Up! exhibition proposes to blur the boundary between mobile phones for art and mobile phones for daily use by inviting the public to transform their own devices into a channel for an exhibition. The design of the app is inspired by vintage phones and phone books, drawing connections between the history of the telephone and the cellular phones that we now all use world wide. Listening channels will be available at Select CITYWALK and the India Art Fair 2014. The exhibition will open on the 30th of January and download information will be available at