Projects Space

1After320 Project Space located above the main Exhibit 320 Gallery space at Lado Sarai, presents curated projects and programming around a region/theme in order to explore its relationship to the subcontinent. Through a combination of short term and long term presentations, 1After320 Project Space, explores the many narratives defining contemporary art discourse.

1After320 Projects Space / Layout 09: Point of View
Feb-Mar 2016
The word utopia is a muse to some while its redundant to others. The word has been brought up several times in literary extracts or fiery speeches but has often ended up being the face of propaganda. It has become a myth that terminates to exist because of the orchestrated disparity between the production and distribution of market dynamics.
1After320 film program / Boo Junfeng
April-May 2016
Details: The 2016 Season of the 1After320 Film Program, Presents ‘Happy and Free', an interactive installation by artist Boo Junfeng as part of the 1After320 Film Program from April-May 2016 where we focus on South East Asia, curated in collaboration with Bharti Lalwani.
1After320 Film Program
Oct-Dec: Focus: Latin America, curated in collaboration with David Ayala Alfonso Details TBD
The Forager Collective
Oct – Nov
1After320 presents an installation based project accompanied by a reading by The Forager Collective. The Forager Collective participates in experimental, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, scientists, activists, curators and arts and cultural organizations interested in creatively engaging the public with food’s sensorial, political and social dimensions in both digital and physical spaces. More details soon.
1After320 Film Program
Oct-Dec: Focus: Latin America, curated in collaboration with David Ayala Alfonso Details TBD
1After320 Projects Space / Khalid Albaih
Details: ‘Daring to Dissent’, curated in collaboration with Ayesha Aggarwal, will create a space at Project Space from 23rd January - 31st January 2016 for Khalid Albaih to engage in a dialogue with Indian cartoonists and political commentators on the country's current socio-economic issues, censorship and the freedom of expression. The artist will respond to these interactions by creating cartoons in a live studio, set up within the project space and share his commentary through an online forum. The exhibition and programming  will engage the audience in a dialogue on the nature of political satire and cartooning, and whether cartoons can and should be considered art.
Interventions by PRACforum
1After320 presents a collaborative project with the Delhi based curatorial collective PRACforum. Through August and September, PRACforum will engage with the context of the exhibition, “Phenomenology of Perception” and instigate conversations around the works of artists Parul Gupta, Nurjahan Akhlaq and Yasmin Jahan Nupur. These interventions will range from lecture performances, contemporary dance and educational workshops to readings. Presenting members include, Akansha Rastogi, Mandeep Raikhy, Mayank Manisingh Kaul, Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi, Vidisha Saini, John Xaviers, Charu Maithani, Himali Singh Soin and Siddhartha Chatterjee.
1After320 Film Program
The 2015-16 season launches a series of film and video screenings organized by Meenakshi Thirukode along with artists, writers and researchers based in South Asia, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The impetus for the 2015-16 program is driven by a collaborative curatorial approach to addressing notions of ‘vision’ and how we perceive borders, territorial privilege and the ownership of histories. The films negotiate, comment, confront and/or perform ways of seeing ourselves in relation to time (History) and place (Geography).
Aug-Sep: Focus: Afghanistan, curated in collaboration with Mariam Ghani.
5 Aug: curated presentation of What we left unfinished, Mariam Ghani
11 Sep: screening of Akhtar Maskara (Akhtar the Joker, 1980,90 mins, dir.Latif Ahmadi) from the Afghan Film Archives
ARTCHIVING; The Artist's Perspective
Exhibition Venue : Exhibit320, New Delhi
Artist : Gigi Scaria, Sumakshi Singh, Sonia Mehra Chawla, Nandan Ghiya, Sunoj D
Opening Date: 17th December 2013 to 17th January 2014
Launching first ever mobile phone application (available for free download on Android and iOS)
Curated by : Diana Campbell Betancourt, Tim Goossens
Launching on 30th Jan'2014
Audible Forces
Curated by : Diana Campbell Betancourt
16th November - 10th December 2013