The Forager Collective

Install Sketch
In the process of building something, anything, there is an element of displacement. When you remove sand, rock, mud or some other material from one place, you construct a vacuum, even as a form of some sort is created in another place. Weight is depleted from one place and added elsewhere. Thus there is constant shifting of vacuum, mass, form, weight, thoughts, etc., at the same time constructing a void in the place it used to be. In this work, we will work with a load of sand poured to take the shape of a mound. It springs from a child’s play in the mud, where the mound is the first, almost an instinctive shape that is constructed. It is as if this instinctive shape is at the very base of the act of building. The sand comes laden with its contemporary politics, be it that of manufactured sand or the crimes around its mining, transportation and subsequent use. Even as sand is easily accessible to every child playing by the street side, it is just as inaccessible to everyone else.
Forager Collective is a group of writers, artists and a lawyer interested in investigating into issues and ideas that are changing and shaping the politics, culture, physical geographies and socio-economic structures in the contemporary world. The Collective also participates in experimental, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations with artists, scientists, activists, curators and arts and cultural organizations interested in creatively engaging the public with food’s sensorial, political and social dimensions in both the digital and physical spaces. The Collective brings out The Forager magazine, a quarterly online journal of food as a cultural practice and political issue.